Here at Bubble Biologistics we have designed our liquid treatment systems to help maximize efficiency and reduce waste across a vast range of industries, from biological to industrial. Our systems can be licensed out to those in the industry looking to boost crop production and animal growth rate without relying on hormones, chemicals, or any other harmful substances to achieve these incredible results. Please view some of our results and contact us for more information and to setup consultations.


Every year millions of people die due to lack of access to potable water. Our mission is simple: providing clean water worldwide. Along this route, we have developed techniques for boosting food and crop production, as well as removing harmful wastewater chemicals; from toxic ions and plastics, to greases and oils...all using the same technology. We pride ourselves on preserving the planet and improving the lives of as many of its inhabitants as possible.

Worldwide Water

We are developing self-sufficient, long term, virtually maintenance free portable units that can make any non-irradiated, non-salt water water source entirely potable, without the use of disposable filters. The reclamation rate is also <95%. We are looking for partners to help setup a campaign to utilize our technology in third world countries to setup and maintain long term solutions to provide access to clean water. Financial supporters and hands-on volunteers are welcome to contact us for more information.

The Future of Water in Agriculture

​When designed and crafted using our technology; simple bubbles can change a vast amount of the physical properties that liquid solutions can have. The bubbles can be fined tuned to enhance any biological processes, from​ growing bigger and healthier organisms in a shorter time span to long term tissue storage in labs or hospitals. Our systems can be utilized in aquaculture/fisheries, aquaponics, hydroponics, agriculture, animal raising of all types (lab rats to farm cattle), wastewater treatment, and many other industries. We have seen crop yield differences anywhere from 15% up to as high as 100% increase. Please contact us for further information regarding these systems.

Environmental Care

One of the most crucial things any business can do today is reduce waste and lessen its impact on the environment, this can be accomplished in many ways like recycling water and reducing the use of harmful surfactants, amongst other chemicals. Our latest research has focused on both of these approaches and we offer a range of options for all types of industries. Please contact us for more information and consultation setups.

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